The Wonder Women

Shannon Andrea Thomas
Shannon Thomas is the Fundraising Director for progressive Democratic Congressional Candidate, Amy Vilela (NV-04), in Las Vegas. Her expertise focuses on conflict resolution, gender equality, sexual violence prevention, diversity and inclusion, negotiations, and political organizing. Her favorite pastime is smashing the patriarchy.
Do you see them?
The Women you call Wonders?
You ask:
How is it they grew
Bones of steel,
Skin of leather?
What poison spider,
What feats of fire
Forged the Amazons?
Let me tell you our secret.
It is because
Our backs have been broken,
Forced through the crucible
Of your insecurity,
That our spines run straight.
It was
The cigarette butts of
Your toxic masculinity
That scorched our wrists
Too many times,
Like the roped rashes
From the “Indian Burns”
You called flirting.
So we have rebuilt our
Shattered frames with iron,
Lacquered our limbs with oil:
Your taunts slide off us.
Because we’ve pieced together
The splintered glass
Of our self-image,
So the mirror reflects
Clay soldiers cast
In the light
Of God.
We are the unburnt.
If there is a wonder in women,
It is that we have any softness
Left in us.
Any small part that is untouched,
By your gaze.
Those parts I save for myself.
I cherish. I cherish for my sisters,
My mother
My unborn daughter.
It is a miracle
I offer you this small piece.
In the vulnerability
Of loving.
Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash.